About Phuket Elephant Care

Make a lasting connection with gentle giants at Phuket Elephant Care

At Phuket Elephant Care, rescued elephants find a loving sanctuary where they can heal, thrive, and live with dignity. We offer a safe haven, free from the suffering they've endured, and a chance to return to a more natural life.

Across our three beautiful locations – Naithon Beach, Mum Muang Lung in Kathu, and Loch Palm in Kathu – our rescued elephants can roam freely, bathe in natural pools, and socialize in herds.

Our philosophy centers around creating a stress-free, healthy environment that caters to elephants' natural needs. Imagine lush, fruitful forests teeming with life, surrounding a tranquil space with natural mud pools – a place where elephants can truly roam and relax, just as they would in the wild.

Witness the heartwarming bond between local mahouts and their elephants. Experience the beauty of this caretaker relationship and the deep respect for elephant well-being. We're on a mission to become the leading elephant sanctuary and awareness tour company, fostering harmony between elephant happiness, the local community, and our valued guests.

Our professional, eco-friendly elephant camp provides exceptional service. We operate with passion, aiming to transform perceptions and inspire love and respect for Thailand's gentle giants. Create a lasting bond with elephants. Join our morning or afternoon program for an unforgettable sanctuary experience.

Our no-riding policy

At Phuket Elephant Care sanctuary, we believe in creating a haven for rescued elephants. That's why we have a strict no-riding policy. Here's why:
  • Elephant Wellbeing: Riding saddles put immense strain on an elephant's back, which can lead to long-term health problems. We prioritize their comfort and well-being, allowing them to roam freely.
  • Natural Behaviors: Elephants are social creatures who thrive on exploring their environment. Our approach lets them express their natural behaviors, like bathing in mud wallows and interacting with their herd.
  • Ethical Tourism: We offer a unique opportunity to observe these gentle giants in a cruelty-free environment. You'll witness genuine elephant interactions and learn about their fascinating lives.

Our mahouts

Generations of expertise

The mahout tradition runs deep in our elephant sanctuary. For millennia, this knowledge has been passed down, with many of our mahouts coming from families with a rich history of elephant care. Some have dedicated over a decade, starting their journeys as teenagers alongside these gentle giants.

A Shared transformation

Our mahouts are more than caretakers; they're partners in a transformative experience. They've embraced positive reinforcement, understanding that kindness is the key to a happy herd. This dedication is a cornerstone of our sanctuary.

Family bound

We consider both our elephants and mahouts as family. We're united in our mission to provide a loving environment. Caring for these magnificent creatures transcends routine; it's almost spiritual. Each month, a beautiful ceremony called Pakam Chang, led by our head mahout, honors our herd and their ancestors.

Future plans

We're thrilled to announce the construction of a state-of-the-art elephant clinic, accessible to all elephants in the area. This dedicated facility will be staffed by a specialist veterinarian, ensuring the highest level of care for these magnificent creatures.

Phuket Elephant Care